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Roots Time

Exclusive to Kush Promotions In the UK!

Roots Time is the funny story of Jah Bull and Baboo, two Rastafarians that drive around and sell LP records in their old but reliable colourful car throughout countryside towns in Jamaica. Their daily journey is full of incidents and funny escapades.  By chance their favourite and well-known local radio broadcaster “Farmer Roots” has to suddenly leave his daily radio show and take his sick girlfriend to a distant hospital in an emergency.Farmer Roots manages to hitch-hike with them, with Jah Bull & Baboo not realising that it is their favourite local broadcaster in the back of the car. Because of their Rastafarian principles the pair doesn’t believe in traditional medicine and bully “Farmer Roots” to take his girlfriend to a well-known herbal doctor called Bongo-Hu, but first they must find the mysterious herbal doctor on a hilarious journey across the countryside of Jamaica.

Getting to the herbal doctor provides many twists and turns and proves to be much more difficult than what they expected and all kind of adventures ensue. “Roots Time” will put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart and give those in the diaspora that ‘back-home’ feeling.

Surely rated as a Jamaican comedy classic in years to come!

Starring: Llewelyn ‘Baboo’ Samuda, Woolton ‘Jah Bull’ Harrison, Luis ‘Farmer Roots’ Christie & Brenda Finlayson.
Directed by: Silvestre Jacobi

Jamaica | 2006 | Run Time: 77 mins | 15

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Features: Exclusive Roots Time reggae CD soundtrack (1hr 17 min) Baboo and Jah Bull (30 mins) Trailer Wide-screen & 4.3 letterbox Subtitles: Spanish/English


Price: £6.99


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One Love

One Love stars Bob Marley’s son Ky-Mani Marley as Kassa a free-wheelin rasta man who falls for a straight laced gospel singer Serena (Cherine Anderson). They both meet as they enter a national music contest. Serena’s father the local pastor forbids her to see this rasta-man and wants her to marry one of his young upstanding church members, played by Hollywood star Idris Elba. Meanwhile the greedy record boss and his cronies organizing the contest have ulterior motives and try everything to get Kassa’s band to sign-up to his label but on his term’s not theirs. By using heavy-handed tactics, he pushes the band to fight back and, people to come together and love to blossom.

See a young Idris Elba starring in one of his first major roles, in this beautiful and light-hearted romantic drama which also features talented British actor Vas Blackwood (Lockstock & Two Smoking Barrels).

Starring: Cherine Anderson, Idris Elba, Ky-Mani Marley, Vas Blackwood, Winston “Bello” Bell & Carl Bradshaw.
Directed by: Rick Elgood & Dons Letts | Written by: Trevor Rhone

2003 | UK / Jamaica | Run Time: 96 mins | Cert:  12A


Price: £6.99


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Ghett A’ Life

The director of THIRD WORLD COP, the highest-grossing Jamaican movie ever, returns with the passionate, inspiring & positive tale of aspiring boxing champ Derrick, who decides to cross ghetto borders, family and political boundaries in inner city Kingston, defying his father in doing so. He also unwittingly angers the local don and has to overcome or bring together youths from the other side who are his traditional enemies but through all this; can he find triumph of spirit and the love his heart dearly wants to give.

Ghett’ A life is produced by ex- world boxing champion Lennox Lewis and is an exciting inspirational tale that celebrates the triumph of Spirit!

Director/Writer: Chris Browne
Producer: Lennox Lewis
Starring: Kevoy Burton, Winston Bell, Chris McFarlane, Kadeem Wilson, Karen Robinson, Lisa Williams & O’daine Clarke.

2011| Cert: 15 | Run Time: 103 mins | Jamaica


Price: £5.00


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The Black Panther Animated Marvel Series

This animated adventure series from Marvel Comics brings to the screen the legendary comic book hero BLACK PANTHER, following the story of T’Challa, a nearly unconquerable warrior from an advanced society living deep in the heart of Africa called Wakanda. Swearing to defend his people against all outside threats, T’Challa’s task becomes even more personal when the latest threat, an assassin named Klaw, who previously had killed his father, attacks his homeland with an army of mercenaries including super villain Juggernaut looking for a precious indestructible metal called Vibranium. Featuring guest appearances by the X-Men and Captain America.

From respected filmmaker/producer Reginald Hudlin and legendary comic book artiste John Ramita, Jr comes the epic Black Panther story for which comic fans have waited 25 years. Starring Academy Award®  Nominee Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator, Blood Diamond, Amistad) and Alfre Woodard (Star Trek: First Contact, True Blood)

Cert: 12
Run Time: 127 Mins
Country: USA (This is a region 2 DVD for Europe)



Price: £8.00


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Bino & Fino Cartoon Series (DVD 2)


Bino and Fino is a cartoon about twins living in sub-Saharan Africa. The adorable duo discovers different things about the world, life and history through magical adventures with their friend Zeena the butterfly. This animation series fills a void in diverse programming by equipping parents and teachers with a new resource to educate and entertain young children from an Afro-centric perspective thus filing the need to embrace global world culture and diversifying learning curriculum’s.

Great edu-tainment for young children from all backgrounds.

4 Episodes:

The Mighty Wall Of Benin
Bino and Fino learn about the Great Walls of Benin of the Benin Kingdom.

1. Where Does Electricity Come From
One evening there is a blackout. Bino and Fino aren’t happy about it but it makes them wonder where electricity comes from.

2. Fino Loves Football
Fino has a dilemma. She wants to join the local football club but is told by the boys that girls don’t play football. But Fino doesn’t give up on here dream.

3. On To Timbuktu
Bino can’t find one of his books because he can’t remember where he left it. Mama Mama teaches the children to treasure their books and to take care of them. She tells them about the ancient manuscripts of Timbuktu. Zeena takes them back in time to see the ancient manuscripts. 

4. Old To New, New to Old
Bino and Fino learn about recycling and the importance of saving the environment.

Animated in Nigeria

Created by: EVCL Studios
Certificate: E
Running Time: 55 mins
Year: 2015


Price: £9.95


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