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Film Review: Horrible Bosses 2

Written by: Christine Eccelston




They’re back!
In 2011 audiences everywhere fell in love with Nick, Dale and Kurt, the victims of “Horrible Bosses,” who struggled under the power of out of control supervisors which made their lives a living hell. So instead of following through with their plan to murder their monstrous bosses, they decided it was time to reinvent themselves, reconsidering their career paths completely.
“Maybe it’s about not having to work for anyone else ever again. I say we bet on ourselves”

In Horrible Bosses 2 Nick, Kurt and Dale did exactly that, coming up with an original invention and another go at the American Dream. They develop a product (The Shower Buddy) which they think they can make; market and sell. From that point onwards, it doesn’t take very long for things to go wrong. The new venture takes the three into unmapped territory and with that they encounter new enemies. But with their classic chemistry and energy, not to mention their optimistic enthusiasm, the guys decide to take matters into their own hands…again.

This time it’s their ambitious dreams of independence that are crushed when investor Bert Hanson (Christoph Waltz) steals their invention and every penny they have. Now it’s pretty obvious that not everyone who gets the short end of a business deal kidnaps the investors grown son, Rex (Chris Pine) only to hold him ransom until they receive their fair share of the deal. But isn’t that what makes Horrible-bosses-2-filmcharacters Nick Dale and Kurt so funny and loveable? Given that their last attempt to murder their bosses failed epically, kidnapping seems like the perfect plan! However it wouldn’t be much of a movie if everything went to plan for these guys now would it?

With that being said, we have Dale (Charlie Day), I’d safely say the dumbest of the three who always manages to expose a little too much in circumstances where keeping your mouth shut is ideal. Next we have Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) whose mind is constantly in the gutter and similarly to Dale lacks basic common sense. Finally we have Nick (Jason Bateman) a man who you could say is the voice of reason to an extent. He maintains composure throughout, even when his immature business partners are driving him crazy. If we put them all together and we have the stealthiest criminals to date! OK not quite, but you can’t blame them for trying.

“You wanna perpetrate a kidnapping? …You better start acting like criminals”
Amongst the cast we have comedian and award winning musician Jamie Foxx as a freelance crime advisor and the world’s worst negotiator, Dean “MF” Jones. Racist, confused and insulting are just a few words to describe this character but that’s what gained some of the best reactions from the audience. Not to mention his badass, hard exterior along with his later discovered obsession with kittens. Furthermore, the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston takes her role of the sex addicted dentist Julia Harris to the extreme. She really is up for anything! Her outrageous dialogue took flirting to a whole new level; it was really exciting watching her character in action.

So with the guys attempting a kidnapping, Ms Aniston trying to rehabilitate her sex addiction and Jamie Foxx still the judgemental, racially confused character we all know and love, we now have thehorrible bosses 2_trailer main cast of Horrible Bosses 2. It’s clear that Director Sean Anders knew exactly what he wanted the sequel to offer. He wanted it to have its own story as opposed to three new bosses and three new ways to kill them. He wanted to bring back the characters we have all bonded with dropping them in a completely new situation and seeing how they get on with it. I think the most striking thing about this sequel is that the boys really haven’t learnt anything and that’s what makes this movie one to watch!

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