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Star profile – Kyla Frye

written by Lee Pinkerton



It’s an exciting time to be a Black British actor.  Just ask 27 year old actress Kyla Frye.  She’s  justkyla frye won a role in the new Tom Cruise movie.  But Kyla is not joining the flight of Black Brit talent and moving to the States  – no Ms Frye is determined to make it work over here.

Kyla has showbusiness in her DNA – her dad was part of vocal group and her mum was a model, and she herself made her small screen debut aged just two years old.

“I’ve always seen myself on stage,” says Frye when she recently spoke to Kush. “I instantly felt comfortable with it – I never considered doing anything else.”

But before she got seriously into acting she also tried her hand at dance and modelling, joining street dance troupes Boy Blue Entertainment and Estate of the Arts while still in her teens, and was part of the UK Urban Fashion Awards catwalk team.

I enjoyed modelling, but its not my passion,” admits Kyla. “ I love film, I love theatre, I love acting.”

After joining Theatre Royal Stratford East’s Youth Theatre and Identity Drama School and Agency, Kyla won roles in in a series of productions at Soho Theatre including Noel Clarke’s, The Play and also featured in comedian Angie Le Mar’s play, Younger Brothers.

“Working with Angie was something I’d wanted to do since I was at Stratford Theatre Royal and I saw Funny Black Women on The Edge.  I was so inspired.  Working with her was a dream come true.”

Screen roles followed, landing the supporting lead role of Tawanda in Noel Clarke’s BBC Three drama West 10 LDN, Sheila Nortley’s Zion and her first feature film, The Naked Poet. But her biggest break has come this year in the shape of the latest Tom Cruise blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow.

kyle in edge of tomorrowThe epic action unfolds in a near future in which an alien race has hit the Earth in an unrelenting assault, unbeatable by any military unit in the world.  Filmed at the Warner Brothers studio in Neasden, Kyla plays a British United Defence Force soldier and though she doesn’t appear with Mr Cruise on screen, she did get to meet him between takes.

“He was so lovely. The first time I heard his voice I almost cried.”

But after her little taste of Hollywood, Ms Frye is not planning to up sticks and move to the States just yet.  In 2013, Kyla set up her own production company, Fryeday Entertainment LTD. and released her filmmaking debut, The Key – one of the most watched of all the British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) shows on BBC iPlayer.

“What it takes to make it in the entertainment industry isn’t written down,” Kyla explains of her motivation for making the short documentary.  “No-one knows how to get to the top, there is no guidebook. Often we find ourselves just sitting and waiting for our agent to call. I was frustrated being in that position.  I thought if I wanted to see myself on the screen I would have to write and direct myself – I had to be the change that I wanted to see.”

“Here in the UK for such a long time Black British talent has been overlooked and under-rated.  But with the way that the US celebrates talent regardless where it comes from, we’re starting to realise that we have talent here.  Both the US and the UK are starting to recognise.  If we continue to see Black faces on our TVs, regardless if it’s on a US show, it will make ripples over here.  It’s such an exciting time right now. I’ve auditioned for several films this year with a multi-ethnic cast.  But it’s time to stop talking about it and start doing it for ourselves.”

And Ms Frye is doing just that, with two Fryeday projects in the pipeline, one which she is writing and producing, and one which she is writing, producing and starring in.

“One thing I want to do is to inspire the next generation – if you work hard there are no limitations.  Work hard and never give up.”

Lee Pinkerton

watch the trailer for Edge of Tomorrow here