Speaking to the City of Birmingham – Film Boutique 22 Nov 2013




Hey Members and Friends & Supporters,

I hope life is treating you well and you are making headway in life whilst enjoying peace, love & happiness.

We are about to enter the last screening for the ‘Film Boutique’ on Friday 20th November 2013 at The Drum.

When I first started this venture I knew that it was going to be hard work to make this a successful venture, but not as hard as I have now realised.

On the journey I have met new friends, discovered new talent and gained the support of members of the Birmingham public, so whilst the venture has not been great in profitability it has been worthwhile investigating the business model needed to widen the exhibition network for the successful distribution of urban/black films.

Believe me I have learnt a lot and whilst the venture again has not been a total success, the knowledge gained has been invaluable – in my book there is nothing such as failure, only lessons and actions to be learnt from – its lessons like these that drive you on to better understand and overcome all obstacles and make a success of whatever you are doing in life.

I have made the decision though that I personally will not be continuing with the ‘Film Boutique’ exhibition venture at The Drum in 2014. I want to focus on other developments for my business; developments that will make Kush future-proof and take us onto a new level through embracing developments in technology and developing new exhibition and distribution channels safeguarding the future of black films dissemination.

Just to say though; If there is anyone out there in Birmingham (especially any young people) that wants to start their own film club and screen films as a business, then I am here to help and will support them to get things up and running!

Thank You all for your support!