Shola Amoo aiming to highlight gentrification

Written by Cheryl Rock


Aspiring filmmaker Shola Amoo makes his full feature length debut entitled ‘Moving Image’. The docu-drama film is about a young artist named Nina (played by Tanya Fear, Kick Ass 2) and her experience in South London and the gentrification of working class communities, she is accused of being a symbol of gentrification. Originally from Brixton, Nina returns to her neighbourhood after being away for some time, and forms a three way relationship with Ayo and Mickey. The men in her life both have very different views on what is taking place in their community and how things are changing, for better or for worse?

The film is a fusion of documentary, and fiction which reveals the spirit of South London and how Nina views it. It follows her creative process and her own personal journey in answering the MovingImages_stillquestion: Is she part of the problem or can she be part of the solution of gentrification?

Shola is a British Nigerian director who also wrote and directed 2013 short film Touch, in which Tanya Fear also starred. To complete production of ‘Moving Image’ he has turned to crowd funding. Shola believes it is important to continue to support the narrative of female leads and to ensure that all artists have a voice, and are able to continue to create opportunities for the youth of South London.

At the time of writing this the crowd-funding campaign sadly did not reach its indiegogo target of £7000, we hope Shola tries again as he is highlighting a hot subject right now with many in the black community complaining about the gentrification of area’s like Brixton, Stoke Newington and others which are likely to follow like Tottenham in North, London.

Checkout the ended campaign here through this link:

Shola Amoo

Shola Amoo