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Film Review: About Last Night

Written by: Michael Dequina 12/04/14 Nearly 30 years removed from the baggage of being a considerably softened adaptation of a characteristically caustic David Mamet play (Sexual Perversity in Chicago) and a vehicle for two of the ’80s era’s young, media-hyped “Brat Pack” stars, a fresh viewing of 1986’s About Last […]

Film Review: The Raid 2: Berandal

written by Michael Dequina 11/04/14 It would have been easy for writer/ director/ editor Gareth Evans to rest on his laurels and simply duplicate the style and general format of his 2012 Indonesian action extravaganza The Raid for the film’s sequel–in fact, it would have been wholly understandable and maybe even expected, […]

Film Review: Half of a Yellow Sun

       Two views of the movie from our writers Samira Sawlani and Leslie Pitt To make a film based on a book is often a poisoned chalice for filmmakers. Not only do they face the usual challenge of creating a piece of entertainment which will please an audience, […]

Starred Up: Film Review

  FIND YOUR LOCAL CINEMA BY CLICKING HERE NB – This app allows you to view the trailer and then find cinemas near you (using your location or inputting the post code); you can also check out showtime’s. Once you’ve found the right cinema and correct showtime you can click […]

Film Review: 12 Years A Slave

Written by Michael Dequina Jan 2014   Reviewing Steve  McQueen’s: 12 Years A Slave 12 YEARS A SLAVE is not the first (and most certainly will not be the last) film to tackle the subject of America’s shameful history of slavery, but it often feels like the first real one. […]

Film Review: Black Nativity

Written by Michael Dequina Nov 2013 © “I know you don’t believe a word I say, but today I’m not lying. I cannot forgive myself for what I did to you. Only you have the right to do that. But I hate myself, and I will keep hating myself as […]

Film Review: ‘The Best Man Holiday’ Is Overlong & Overstuffed But Features A Whacked Out Terrence Howard Performance

Article taken from: http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/review-the-best-man-holiday-starring-taye-diggs-terrence-howard-and-morris-chestnut-20131112 by Drew Taylor (13 Nov 2013) 2013 is a year that has largely been defined by unnecessary, after-the-fact sequels that virtually no one asked for and even fewer have shown up to (sorry, “Riddick,” we know your heart was in the right place). Maybe the most […]

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