Film Review: Horrible Bosses 2

Written by: Christine Eccelston 22.11.14     They’re back! In 2011 audiences everywhere fell in love with Nick, Dale and Kurt, the victims of “Horrible Bosses,” who struggled under the power of out of control supervisors which made their lives a living hell. So instead of following through with their […]

Film Review: Interstellar

  Written by: Graeme Wood 17.11.14 There’s more than one anomaly in Christopher Nolan’s ambitious space epic and it’s not the black hole that sits at the centre of the plot. Rather it’s the sheer scale of the idea and the way the co-writer/director has approached it. There is a […]

Film Review: Get On Up (James Brown Biopic)

  Written By Leslie Pitt 06.11.14   The musical biopic suffers from the similar issues that we’ve recently reserved for fantasy/sci-fi/comic movies. The film is released and a hardcore contingent will gripe at the “authenticity” of the piece. Are all the facts correct? Are they in the right place? For […]

Film Review: The Drop

Written by Michael Dequina 29.10.14   Tom Hardy is one of the great–and still rising–acting talents working in film today, but ironically I think it’s his unusually chameleonic skill that has thus far kept him from completely breaking through to the superstar status he deserve.  Case in point, Michael Roskam’s […]

Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles

We love to give young people an opportunity to blossom their talents at Kush and we would like to introduce you to Ms. Christine Eccelston our latest addition to our film review team and below is her take on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film – please show some […]

Film Review: The Equalizer

      Review by Michael Dequina Oct 2014   The Equalizer was released in the UK on 26th September 2014 and was well received by critics, so far after 4 weeks in UK cinemas the film has grossed £6,370,768 which is fairly decent but not overly fantastic but overall […]

Film Review: Lipstikka

Written By: Leslie Byron Pitt 17.10.14   While feeling quite small from a technical point of view, it’s clear that Johnathan Sagall’s Lipstikka has a lot to say, and is loud enough to voice it’s issues. The film is an engrossing and revealing slow burn, which touches on relevant themes […]

Film Review: Gone Too Far

      Written by Jide (Black Cinema club) 05.10.14 Once in a while a film comes along that you not only enjoy but you almost completely resonate with. A movie that you feel the writer must’ve been given part of the script of one’s own life experiences. Director, Destiny […]

Film Review: The Maze Runner

Written By Jacqueline Shepherd 29.09.14     This autumn sees the release of The Mazer Runner, the movie based on James Dashner’s best-selling novel of the same name. The book is described by many fans as a combination of Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games so a film […]

Film Review: Life After Beth

      By Leslie Byron Pitt 29.09.14 Warm Bodies (2013) played the idea of a zombie/human romance with a Romeo and Juliet dynamic and a sentimental touch. It had a certain charm to it and clearly one eye on the young adult crowd. Jeff Baena’s feature debut, Life after […]

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