Film Review 2: Fast & Furious 7

Written by Michael Dequina 13.04.15   It is incredibly difficult, if not downright impossible, to assess Furious Seven completely on the terms on which it was always meant to be taken: as no more than the latest gleefully overblown instalment of the surprisingly durable, nearly 15-year-old action franchise.  But as […]

Film Review: Fast & Furious 7

Written by Christine Eccelston-Craig 02.04.14     “I don’t have friends. I got family.” These words sum up the heart and soul of the Fast & Furious franchise. Not just for the faithful team of characters on screen, but also for the band of actors, filmmakers and crew who have […]

Film Review: Get Hard

Written by: Donna Marie Dowe Screenwriter 28.03.15   ‘Get Hard’, the latest Kevin Hart comedy tells the tale of ‘King’, played by ‘Will Ferrel’, a white successful, wealthy hedge fund manager, and ‘Darnell’ a black law-abiding, working class family man. When King is, inexplicably, charged with fraud he is harshly […]

Film Review: Chappie

Review by Graeme Wood 15.03.15   Neil Blomkamp brings us his third feature following the critically acclaimed audience favourite ‘District 9’ and the less successful Hollywood looking but soulless ‘Elysium’. In a near future Johannesburg a robot police force are being deployed to clean up the gangster ruled streets of […]

Selma Review II

Written by: Christine Eccelston-Craig 06.02.15   Directed by the outstanding Ava DuVernay, Selma is a sensational movie focussing on Dr Martin Luther Kings struggle in the fight for equality during the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement. Filmmaker DuVernays’ main objectives in telling the story of the 1965 Civil Rights marches in […]

Film Review: Selma

Written by Leslie Bryon Pitt 27.01.15                                         For me, Director Ava DuVernay’s best piece of direction comes from shooting her subject Martin Luther King Jnr (David Oyelowo) from the back in […]

Film Review: Kingsman – The Secret Service

Written by: Christine Eccelston-Craig 26.01.15   “Do you like spy movies?” Well, do you? If you’re not a huge fan of the classic spy movies such as James Bond 007 or From Russia With Love, I can guarantee that you’ll still enjoy this new take on spy movies starring Colin […]

Film Review: Son of A Gun

Written by: Leslie Pitt 22.12.14 Starting out like an Australian Starred Up (2014), crime thriller Son of a Gun soon reveals it’s far more indebted to the works of Michael Mann than anything else. The Mann inspired action sequences are some of the strongest elements of the film as is […]

Film Review: Annie

Written by Christine Eccelston 15.12.14 [Warning: Movie Spoilers] ANNIE A Will & Jada Pinkett Smith, Shawn “JAY Z” Carter, Laurence “Jay” Brown, James Lassiter and Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith production with a modern re-telling that captures the magic of the classic characters and original show that won seven Tony Awards. […]

Film Review: The Grandmaster

By Leslie Byron Pitt 02.12.14     Wong Kai Wai’s absorbing martial arts biopic deals with Yip Man (played by Tony Leung); the Wing Chun Grandmaster who made his style of fighting popular the world over, with his most famous student being the one and only Bruce Lee. Despite an […]

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