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Roots Time is the funny story of Jah Bull and Baboo, two Rastafarians that drive around and sell LP records in their old but reliable colourful car throughout countryside towns in Jamaica. Their daily journey is full of incidents and funny escapades.  By chance their favourite and well-known local radio broadcaster “Farmer Roots” has to suddenly leave his daily radio show and take his sick girlfriend to a distant hospital in an emergency.Farmer Roots manages to hitch-hike with them, with Jah Bull & Baboo not realising that it is their favourite local broadcaster in the back of the car. Because of their Rastafarian principles the pair doesn’t believe in traditional medicine and bully “Farmer Roots” to take his girlfriend to a well-known herbal doctor called Bongo-Hu, but first they must find the mysterious herbal doctor on a hilarious journey across the countryside of Jamaica.

Getting to the herbal doctor provides many twists and turns and proves to be much more difficult than what they expected and all kind of adventures ensue. “Roots Time” will put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart and give those in the diaspora that ‘back-home’ feeling.

Surely rated as a Jamaican comedy classic in years to come!

Starring: Llewelyn 'Baboo' Samuda, Woolton 'Jah Bull' Harrison, Luis 'Farmer Roots’ Christie & Brenda Finlayson.
Directed by: Silvestre Jacobi

Jamaica | 2006 | Run Time: 77 mins | 15

Features: Exclusive Roots Time reggae CD soundtrack (1hr 17 min) Baboo and Jah Bull (30 mins) Trailer Wide-screen & 4.3 letterbox Subtitles: Spanish/English

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