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The director of THIRD WORLD COP, the highest-grossing Jamaican movie ever, returns with the passionate, inspiring & positive tale of aspiring boxing champ Derrick, who decides to cross ghetto borders, family and political boundaries in inner city Kingston, defying his father in doing so. He also unwittingly angers the local don and has to overcome or bring together youths from the other side who are his traditional enemies but through all this; can he find triumph of spirit and the love his heart dearly wants to give.

Ghett’ A life is produced by ex- world boxing champion Lennox Lewis and is an exciting inspirational tale that celebrates the triumph of Spirit!

Director/Writer: Chris Browne
Producer: Lennox Lewis
Starring: Kevoy Burton, Winston Bell, Chris McFarlane, Kadeem Wilson, Karen Robinson, Lisa Williams & O'daine Clarke.

2011| Cert: 15 | Run Time: 103 mins | Jamaica

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