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Bino and Fino is a cartoon about twins living in sub-Saharan Africa. The adorable duo discovers different things about the world, life and history through magical adventures with their friend Zeena the butterfly. This animation series fills a void in diverse programming by equipping parents and teachers with a new resource to educate and entertain young children from an Afro-centric perspective thus filing the need to embrace global world culture and diversifying learning curriculum's.

Great edu-tainment for young children from all backgrounds.


3 Episodes:

1. Mama Mama’s Soup
Bino and Fino have an adventure in the garden and learn about different ‘slimy’ animals such as frogs, snails and octopuses!

2. Bino’s Cold
Bino has a cold and Fino is not happy. She wants her brother to feel better. Fruits come to the rescue! Zeena the magic Butterfly teaches them that fruits help you stay well and healthy.

3. A Big Birthday Party
The 1st Bino and Fino episode.
Bino and Fino are taught some African history by Mama Mama and Papa Papa.
2010 saw the 50th year independence anniversaries of many African nations.
This episode introduces the concept of colonialism and independence amongst African countries to children.

Animated in Nigeria

Created by: EVCL Studios
Certificate: E
Running Time: 35 mins
Year: 2011

Watch this teaser from Bino & Fino: Don't Forget To Wash Your Hands

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