The Lena Baker Story

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The Lena Baker Story, starring Tichina Arnold, Beverly Todd and Peter Coyote, tells the civil rights ture story of a young, impoverished girl in rural Georgia in the early 1900s, who - in a desperate attempt to break free of physical and mental abuse by a white man - through the abuse she accidentally kills him. With a dismissive lawyer by her side, a jury of 12 Caucasian men found her guilty in a trial and deliberation that, together, lasted less than four hours.

Due to a long clemency campaign led by her family, including in more recent years her grand-nephew Roosevelt Curry, the Georgia state Pardon and Parole Board finally granted a posthumous pardon in 2005 - six decades after her execution - ruling that a "grievous error" occurred when she was denied clemency following her trial.

Starring:Tichina Arnold, Beverly Todd, Peter Coyote and Michael Rooker
Directed by: Ralph Cox

2008 | USA |  Run time: 106 mins | Cert 15

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