The Black Panther Animated Marvel Series

This animated adventure series from Marvel Comics brings to the screen the legendary comic book hero BLACK PANTHER, following the story of T’Challa, a nearly unconquerable warrior from an advanced society living deep in the heart of Africa called Wakanda. Swearing to defend his people against all outside threats, T’Challa’s task becomes even more personal when the latest threat, an assassin named Klaw, who previously had killed his father, attacks his homeland with an army of mercenaries including super villain Juggernaut looking for a precious indestructible metal called Vibranium. Featuring guest appearances by the X-Men and Captain America.

From respected filmmaker/producer Reginald Hudlin and legendary comic book artiste John Ramita, Jr comes the epic Black Panther story for which comic fans have waited 25 years. Starring Academy Award®  Nominee Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator, Blood Diamond, Amistad) and Alfre Woodard (Star Trek: First Contact, True Blood)

Cert: 12
Run Time: 127 Mins
Country: USA (This is a region 2 DVD for Europe)



Price: £8.00


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