Bullet Boy

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Ricky (Ashley Walters), just out of a young offenders' institute and heading home to Hackney, is determined to go straight. Instead, he heads into trouble when he's involved in a street clash - siding with his best mate Wisdom against a local gang member.

The trouble escalates into a series of incidents that threaten to spiral out of control. Ricky's 12-year-old brother Curtis, adores Ricky but seems smart enough to know he doesn't want to follow his example. However, despite the warnings from his mother, Ricky's bad boy appeal might prove to be too attractive for Curtis to resist..

Cast: Ashley Walters, Luke Fraser

Directed by: Saul Dibb
Writers: Saul Dibb and Catherine R Johnson

UK |2004 | Run Time: 84 mins | English | cert 15

Extras: Behind the Shots | Asher D TV | The Auditions and two trailers

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Price: £5.00


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