Welcome to Membership of the Kush Film Boutique, get ready to start enjoying your special membership benefits.

We thank you for supporting the Kush Film Boutique and wanting to take out membership with your valued support and hopefully many others like you, we will be able to improve the film club’s offering and provide a more enjoyable and beneficial service.

With the wider community’s support we will continue to create a sustainable platform for BME filmmakers and their films and also support worthwhile causes in our community, especially disadvantaged young people seeking careers in the creative media industries.

Kush Film Boutique annual Membership costs:

Single Membership (from January 2018): £115
Joint Membership (from January 2018): £195

(Joint membership is strictly for married partners and couples who will attend together only)

Enjoy These Special Benefits:

  • Save money up to 35% annually
  • Exclusive Film Boutique Membership Card
  • No queuing & allowed into screen first (Just show membership card)
  • Free glass of wine/beer or soft drink at the bar
  • Advance notice of all screenings
  • Able to reserve your favourite seats in advance
  • Bring along a guest (Your guest pays only £12)
  • Occasional sponsored gifts /competition goodies for members only
  • Discounted tickets at other select (but not all) non Film Boutique Kush events elsewhere

Below are the two links you need to sign-up and join as a member:

1. Paypal payment link (please make payment using that link)
2. Membership Sign-Up Database (here you add your contact details and join our membership database)

Once you have paid the required £115 Single Membership Fee or £195 Joint Membership Fee through the supplied Paypal payment link and then follow that up with signing up to our Mailchimp Members Email Database – you are good to go, as a fully paid-up Film Boutique exclusive annual member for 2018.

  1. Please Make Payment Here:

Single Membership (£115):
(Choose pay as a guest without a paypal account – see pay with a debit or credit card at bottom of page)

Joint Membership (£195):

  1. Membership Database Sign-up Form

    Please Sign-up to Membership Database Here After payment:
    (When you pay the paypal payment link should take you straight to this link below also after payment, if not use this link): http://eepurl.com/dbZmDP

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to complete both stages of sign-up!

If you so choose you can make a direct bank transfer payment to us instead use:
Kush Promotions & PR
Sort code: 40.07.33
Account No: 12491060

Membership covers a 1-year (12-month) period and this reduced membership offer will officially start from the date that you signup. In that 12 month period of membership  we will endeavour to organise at least 12 Kush FB screenings, if we do not put on 12 Kush FB film screenings in any given 12-month period of your membership, we will take this into consideration and look at what options are available to us. We will always seek to make sure you get value for money. But if we do organise more than 12 screenings in a 12-month period covering  your membership and you have had the opportunity of attending those events and you personally choose not to attend any particular screenings, then we will not be obliged to extend any more screenings to you in that 12-month period. At the end of 12 months you membership will expire and be due for renewal.

Membership starts from the date of paying your membership fee.

Your Film Boutique membership will only apply specifically to Kush ‘Film Boutique’ branded events at the Regent Street Cinema, London or Whirled Cinema, Brixton (we may add other venues that entertain Film Boutique events at a later date, please note we may hold other film related events that are not Film Boutique events; i.e. film premiere’s for a filmmaker or film distributor that is a paid consultancy job).

If you choose to pay through Paypal you will receive a receipt for payment from Paypal. We will also acknowledge receipt of payment and confirm your bonafide membership. If you prefer you can also instead choose to make a direct payment to our bank account where you will need to inform us via email (info@kushfilms.com) that you have made a bank transfer payment and we will check and confirm back to you receipt of payment.

Also see full Terms & Conditions Here: http://www.kushfilms.com/fbmembership-termsandconditions/

Thank you very much for your much-needed support.
See you at the Kush Film Boutique as a VIP Member.

Marlon Palmer