Membership Terms & Conditions

Membership covers a 1-year (12-month) period and this reduced membership offer will officially start from Thursday 1st February 2018. In that membership period we will endeavour to organise at least 12 Kush FB screenings, if we do not put on 12 Kush FB film screenings in any given 12-month period of membership, we will take this into consideration and look at what options are available to us. We will always seek to make sure you get value for money. But if we do organise more than 12 screenings in a 12-month period covering  your membership and you have had the opportunity of attending those events and you personally choose not to attend any particular screenings, then we will not be obliged to extend any more screenings to you in that 12-month period. At the end of 12 months you membership will expire and be due for renewal.

Members will be allowed to bring along one (1) guest with them to each screenings that guest will be charged an admission fee of £12 which is our current 2017 admission charge; in 2018 the regular admission charge for non-members (someone who is not accompanying a member) will go up to £15.

Your Film Boutique membership will only apply specifically to Kush ‘Film Boutique’ branded events at the Regent Street Cinema, London, W1B 2UW or Whirled Cinema, Brixton, SE4 OHN (we may add other venues that entertain Film Boutique events at a later date. Please note we may hold other film related events that are not Film Boutique events; i.e. film premiere’s for a filmmaker or film distributor that is a paid consultancy job).

Please note that the Kush Film Boutique will restart on Thursday 15th February 2018 (Valentines), we will have all your details on file in our Members Database through you signing-up to that database. Your new Membership card and these terms and conditions will be sent out to you before 31st January 2018 in good enough time for the start of screenings in February 2018.

Please remember to bring your membership card with you to all Film Boutique screenings (even without a membership card you are unequivocally confirmed as a member once the required payment is received and you sign-up to the email database).

Membership cards must be signed upon receipt and must not be given to any other person to use. (Members abusing any of the terms and conditions will lose their membership privileges and membership may be revoked).

Cancellations: Membership must be cancelled within 14 days of making your payment .You will only receive a full refund if you not have attended any screenings as a member. You will not be able to cancel your membership once the 14 days expire (cancellations will incur a charge of £20 for administration purposes).

All enquiries or complaints in regards to membership and payments should always be made in writing via email to Kush Promotions & PR and then if necessary you can follow this up with a telephone call, please use the contact details below:

Tel: 0203 070 3200 / Mobile: 07961 977 749

Kush Promotions & PR Ltd
Whirled Arts
259 Hardess Street
SE24 0HN

Kush Promotions & PR
Bank account details:
Sort code: 40.07.33
Account Number: 12491060

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*Your data is very important to us and will never be shared with any third parties and will be kept secured & safe under the data protection act 1998.