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Event Manager Needed



Kush Film Boutique: Events Manager
Kush Films the leading exhibitor of urban films in the UK is looking for a young enthusiastic and articulate Events Manager that will take full responsibility for and implement the monthly management of our renowned film club the Kush Film Boutique.

The Kush Film Boutique is the UK’s longest running and No 1 platform for the exhibition showcase of new mainstream and independent films with an emphasis of supporting disadvantaged minority filmmakers.  The Film Boutique currently happens monthly at the Regent Street Cinema, 309 Regent Street, London, W1B 2UW (near Oxford Street Tube) (usually on a Thursday evening from 7.30pm – 11.00pm, but future one-off dates can be change by cinema).

There could also be an expansion of screening events to other cinemas or you could be involved in premiere screenings linked to marketing campaigns that we organised on behalf of distributors/producers.

This is a voluntary position with all expenses covered. After a 6-month trial the situation will be reviewed and this could well lead to a remuneration package covering hours spent managing event.
Please note profits are limited on this monthly event and profits are ploughed back into the event to continue development and to continue supporting urban filmmakers. Supporting disadvantaged filmmakers and helping to establish new talent is the NO 1 priority here.

Event Manager Attributes:
So you must have a passion for film & the creative arts, care about supporting others & giving back and be determined about making a difference through community leadership.
You must also be able to take instruction & interpret that in an effective manner, think on your feet, handle immediate pressure and make quick decisive decisions, not be afraid of public speaking as you may need to take to stage sometimes, handle other support staff in a positive pro-active manner, be people-friendly and not get overwhelmed or starry-eyed by stars/celebrities.

Hours Required: (Day of Event) 6.30pm – 11.00pm
Month prior to event: Meet up once or twice for 2 hours to visit venue & chat about event details (once experienced meet up only once per month – rest of time talk/plan on phone or Skype).

There is a set format for each event which has been part of the film club for many years, so everything is already in place but always open to new creative ideas and changes.

FB Events comprise of:

  • Networking and Music/Drinks in bar (sometimes live DJ/Bands etc)
  • Introductions and welcomes
  • Trailers (we select for new films we are supporting)
  • 1x Short film
  • Main feature film (or selection of short films – if we have a short film programme)
  • Q&A or Panel Discussion
  • End

Other elements: Master Classes / Live artiste performances that link into theme of film (singers, rappers, comedians, poets etc)

This is a great opportunity for the right person to hone their event management skills whilst learning on the job, gaining a greater understanding of how the film/TV industries work especially the fields of exhibition and distribution, meet recognised actors and film/TV industry peers, develop great new contacts whilst at the same time been rewarded with the knowledge that through your hard work; you are making a difference and giving great support to urban films and minority filmmakers at the UK’s most renowned & respected exhibition platform for urban films.

We are sure other opportunities will also arise for you through the people you meet on a monthly basis and just through been involved with Kush Films.

Our aim is to support others who are passionate, dedicated and determined by pushing them up to greater heights on our shoulders!

For further details, Please send an email with CV & covering letter as to why you think you are right for the vacancy to: info@kushfilms.com
Tel: 0203 070 3200 / 07961 977 749