Marlon’s blog – 15th Aug 2014

15.08.14 Hello, Hello, Hello, Yes it’s me Marlon Palmer CEO of Kush Promotions & the Kush Media Group of companies, how are you my friends, supporters & colleagues – I pray life is good and all is well in your lives! It’s been a while since I last communicated directly with you – so apologies; it looks like this will also be one of the last times I personally write to you! Other new staff members will take over the task of giving you all the latest film news and the inner-goings on at Kush.  Over the years I have enjoyed communicating with you and your responses have empowered, re-energised and inspired me to continue the good fight with the industry creating a platform for black films. Wow; right now there is so much going on in the film world for black & so called ‘urban’ films. It’s already been […]


We’re Looking For New Writers


ARE YOU A FILM JUNKIE WHO’D LOVE TO SEE YOUR OPINIONS IN PRINT?  Do you fancy yourself as the next Barry Norman or Mark Kermode ? Well if so Kush, the UK’s leading independent urban film promotion company, would like to hear from YOU. We are looking to expand our team of writers, to contribute copy for our website. No formal experience is needed – just great writing skills, a knowledge and enthusiasm for movies, the ability to attend film screenings in central London in the day or during early evenings along with other film related events (like festivals) in central London. So Can You Produce Engaging Copy & Would Like To Gain A Career in The UK Film Industry? If this sounds like you please send your CV and some samples of articles you have previously written – especially any old reviews of your favourite films. mailto: Good […]


Busy, busy, Its going to be an exciting 2014!


21.03.14 Hello Film Lovers, I hope all is well and good, Do we have some good film news for you! Good to be finally communicating with you as it’s been such a busy 2014 already and wow it’s almost the end of March already – this year has just raced along and we here at Kush have just about noticed; as right now we are in film heaven and work overload. We are currently working on the marketing for two big new films which we want to tell you all about and hopefully you will decide to go and see them yourselves and also give us your feedback once seen. The first film is STARRED UP (18) a very, very serious new British film depicting a startling view of prison life and how it affects young people (our young people), watching this film made me suddenly become thoughtful about all […]


Marlon Speak’s

12.12.13 Hi Everyone, Hope this finds you in good health and a streak of productivity (getting things done & moving forward in life)! Thank you to all those that responded to our “BLACK NATIVITY” Gala-Screening offer and sorry I could not accommodate all, but as stated in my response email to all those that applied – there will be other screenings I will gladly invite you to – next time reply earlier some of you were well late! Anyway; I hope you like the all-new website and you making use of the site – as of next week there will be a list of new and classic DVDs for sale in the new online store. We are also looking for additionally new products to sell – so if you have anything like books, indie films, Cd’s, Arts & Craft Products then please let us know? Kush is also looking […]


Speaking to the City of Birmingham – Film Boutique 22 Nov 2013

  09.11.13 Hey Members and Friends & Supporters, I hope life is treating you well and you are making headway in life whilst enjoying peace, love & happiness. We are about to enter the last screening for the ‘Film Boutique’ on Friday 20th November 2013 at The Drum. When I first started this venture I knew that it was going to be hard work to make this a successful venture, but not as hard as I have now realised. On the journey I have met new friends, discovered new talent and gained the support of members of the Birmingham public, so whilst the venture has not been great in profitability it has been worthwhile investigating the business model needed to widen the exhibition network for the successful distribution of urban/black films. Believe me I have learnt a lot and whilst the venture again has not been a total success, the […]