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Kush Films is proud to be an exclusive distributor of the sensational, new fun-filled African children’s animation Bino & Fino.
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Children are just going crazy for Bino & Fino & accompanying toys

Children have fun with exciting stories and learn about:

  • African History
  • Nigerian Culture
  • Eating healthy
  • Where electricity comes from
  • Why people recycle
  • Family


DVD 1 (£6.95)













3 Episodes:

  1. Mama Mama’s Soup
    Bino and Fino have an adventure in the garden and learn about different ‘slimy’ animals such as frogs, snails and octopuses!
  1. Bino’s Cold
    Bino has a cold and Fino is not happy. She wants her brother to feel better. Fruits come to the rescue! Zeena the magic Butterfly teaches them that fruits help you stay well and healthy.
  1. A Big Birthday Party
    The 1st Bino and Fino episode.
    Bino and Fino are taught some African history by Mama Mama and Papa Papa.
    2010 saw the 50th year independence anniversaries of many African nations.
    This episode introduces the concept of colonialism and independence amongst African countries to children.Total Running Time: 35 mins



DVD 2 (£9.95)













5 Episodes:

1. The Mighty Wall Of Benin
Bino and Fino learn about the Great Walls of Benin of the Benin Kingdom.

2. Where Does Electricity Come From
One evening there is a blackout. Bino and Fino aren’t happy about it but it makes them wonder where electricity comes from.

3. Fino Loves Football
Fino has a dilemma. She wants to join the local football club but is told by the boys that girls don’t play football. But Fino doesn’t give up on here dream.

4. On To Timbuktu
Bino can’t find one of his books because he can’t remember where he left it. Mama Mama teaches the children to treasure their books and to take care of them. She tells them about the ancient manuscripts of Timbuktu. Zeena takes them back in time to see the ancient manuscripts.

5. Old To New, New to Old
Bino and Fino learn about recycling and the importance of saving the environment.

Total Running Time: 55 mins